I highly recommend Sharon for a trainer. I just started having her as my trainer and I can say she is great! I love her to bits! She will make you work hard in your training sessions, push you, cheer your on until you can’t go any further, and complement you on a job well done when your done. Sharon takes the time to learn where you are at in your fitness level, she will then personalize your training from that level working you to your next fitness level. She takes the time to get to know you and what you can or can’t do. With Sharon you will not get bored, she will switch up your training with new ways to increase your weight loss/fitness level all the while keeping it fun and interesting. Sharon is a natural fitness competitor, with her being a part of this field of competition fitness, she has tons of knowledge in working your body to get you on your way to dropping the unwanted weight to a nice toned muscular body many people want.—Jacqueline “Jackie” Lair     

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