I’ve been working out with Sharon for almost two years, and I’m very satisfied with the results. I have a hectic schedule, and in the past it was challenging to sustain a regular and rigorous work-out routine. However, I learned that personal training with Sharon was the answer! She is highly knowledgeable dedicated to fitness and nutrition – and mostly importantly, she knows how to translate her expertise to her clients in way that helps created good habits for long-term weight and health management. Sharon takes a very thoughtful and well researched approach to tailor each training session to eep me motivated. She listens intently and partners with her clients to truly understand your current and inspirational future state and maps a course to et you to your goals. She understands how busy her clients’ lives become, and her approach with clients keeps me engaged and motivated to Stay fit. As a result, I’m stronger, healthier and a more successful as a person by keeping up my fitness routine. I could not have done this without Sharon’s coaching.–Kim Dang

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