Tiny Angel Tip for Fat Loss #2

Tiny Angel Tip for Fat Loss #2

Eat Several times per day and add protein to meals, this is why:
A little thing called TEF, or the thermic effect of food. 10% of your calories are burned in the digestive process and protein takes more energy for your body to process than carbs or fats, and it also keeps you satisfied longer. Eat several small meals to keep your metabolism humming along and blood sugar stable.

Tiny Angel Tips for Fat Loss #1

Tiny Angel Tips for Fat Loss #1

Eat 20 grams of protein at breakfast. This will help keep you satiated throughout your morning. Here is what 20g of Protein looks like:

1 scoop of protein mixed in water

½ a scoop of protein mixed in milk

8 oz of yogurt or cottage cheese

3 eggs (or 2 eggs + 2 egg whites)

A protein pancake made with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, ½ a scoop of protein and a banana

A protein bar

Be Faithful, make sure Gym knows he is a priority in your life

Be Faithful, make sure Gym knows he is a priority in your life


By Sharon Marie IronAngels

*Be Faithful, make sure Gym knows he is a priority in your life…
Schedule your dates ahead of time and be prompt, have a plan for your workouts but leave room for spontaneity.

*Work at the relationship, you get back as much as you are willing to put in…
The iron never lies, it is straightforward. Gym will never judge, be passive-aggressive or sugar-coat the truth. You can trust the iron. It is consistent and dependable like a good man.

*Be a girlfriend who is confident in her abilities…
Enlist a fit friend or trainer show you the basics of weight training.

*Take some “me time” away from Gym…
Recovery is essential and that includes nutrition, rest and having your own life, friends and family. Gym is not the jealous type, he knows he’s got it going on 🙂

*Wear appropriate clothing on dates with Gym…
Although Gym doesn’t care what you wear, (he loves you for who you are), I prefer to look cute for me and that helps my motivation. Dress comfortably and not overly revealing. A new pair of brightly colored sneakers or tights never hurts.

*You are here to see Gym, don’t let others interrupt your time together…
Being friendly is great, but don’t let yourself get too distracted from your main man, keep the intensity high in your workout, passionate!

*If you risk failure, you build a deeper bond…
Yes with Gym you don’t have to fear failure, you embrace it! Gym loves you for who you are and meets you at your level. It means you took the risk to rise to a new level on the weight stack or plyo box! That’s what makes a relationship with Gym so adventurous!

On that note…
*Learn new tricks to keep it exciting
Expand your horizons, try classes, use new tools like TRX, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls. Use creative exercise combinations and different ways to use the standard machines.

And finally…
*Don’t be afraid of commitment, Gym is a lifelong partner